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An Evening with Paul Anthony

July 20, 2019 @ 10:00 pm

I was pumped to start a trash cinema night at Little Mountain with a friend. This friend bailed again. With little time till showtime, I need to put on something good in it’s place or I lose the deposit money. Sounds like the plot for an 80’s movie or is it the best night of our lives?!

An Evening with Paul Anthony WILL include:

✸ FIRST & ONLY SCREENING OF MY AUSTRIAN GAME SHOW! 5 years ago I was flown out to Austria to host this insane game show. The pilot was wild and everyone seemed to love it except the head of the Network. It was never picked up. People have said they wanna see it. This is your one and only chance, don’t blow it!!

✸ SKATE YOUR UNPOLLUTED LUNGS OUT: Staged reading of my anti-drug movie script I wrote when I was 12! Featuring your favourite local comedians reading parts.

This evening may also include…

✸ HOME MOVIES: My dad telling inappropriate jokes in front of children!

✸ HUGH PHUKOVSKY: A rare set from the elusive comedy legend!


✸ TALENT TIME SEASON 12 PREVIEW: Sneak peak to what will be coming next season!

Necessity is the mother fucker of all invention and this will most likely be a special unique evening we will not soon forget!! With more costume changes than a Weird Al concert!!

An Evening with Paul Anthony
SAT JULY 20th *late show*
10pm doors / 10:30 show
☞ $5 / $7 / $10 pay-what-you-want!
Little Mountain Gallery…195 E 26th Ave
Cheap drinks



July 20, 2019
10:00 pm

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