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All programming is independently produced and may not have advance tickets available


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About LMG

Little Mountain Gallery is an award winning, non-profit comedy venue in Vancouver that's 100% community programmed and managed.

As far as we know, we're the only place that operates the way we do. But we could be wrong, we haven't looked very hard.

Need to Knows

  • Our mandate is to foster the local comedy community and help independent artists and producers create great, diverse comedy shows.
  • We operate as a non-profit and all of our staff are volunteers, committed to independent comedy programming.
  • All shows are independently run by comedians. So ticket availability and performance times will vary.
  • Our venue operates out of an early 20th century building that was originally used as an automotive garage. As a result, accessibility is limited.
  • Little Mountain Gallery operates as a community shared space and strives to exist as a secure location for all.
  • When you're within our walls please understand that you are held to a commitment of dignity and respect - harassment and general dipshittery will not be tolerated.

LMG Team

Meet the volunteers dedicated to keeping this comedy tree-fort operational!
Brent Constantine
Brent Constantine

Executive Director

Brent is the Swiss army knife of LMG. If he's not building something, he's working away behind the scenes keeping this ship afloat!

Stacey McLachlan
Stacey McLachlan

Communications Director

Full of energy and ready to take on a whole hoopla of things. Stacey has her hands deep in all things communications.

Abdul Aziz
Abdul Aziz

Operations Executive

Whether it be renovations or the latest tech innovation, Abdul can be found at the operations forefront from planning to execution.

Matty Vu
Matty Vu

Community Administrator

Matty is a major community builder. He's always excited to foster new show producers and help out wherever he can!

Max Mitchell
Max Mitchell

Financial Officer

Carla Mah
Carla Mah

Web Advisor

Jacob Samuel
Jacob Samuel


Jill Lockley
Jill Lockley

LMG Ambassador

William Dunn
William Dunn

Arts & Culture Consultant

Venue Rentals

Little Mountain Gallery is booked exclusively with comedy programming and not available for theatre runs, music shows or private parties. Our online calendar is updated typically a month out and the website may not reflect openings in our schedule. We're currently booked through 2021 and not accepting applications for new shows in the space.
General Amenities
WiFi, bar area, two washrooms, chairs, tables, stage, backstage area, floor and ceiling, building filled with precious air.
Wireless/corded mics, mic stands, lighting, audio board, music stand, speakers, overhead projector, love.
We charge a flat rate per rental, allowing comedians to keep all bar and door proceeds from their performance.

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