About LMG

Little Mountain Gallery is an award-winning, non-profit comedy venue in Vancouver/unceded Coast Salish Territories that is 100% community programmed and managed.

Dedicated to comedy

Little Mountain Gallery is committed to creating professional opportunities for Vancouver comedy artists, developing emerging talent and providing access to comedy audiences. 

Our Vision

A comedy community for everyone.

Our MissIon

To cultivate a world-class comedy destination for comedians and audiences by providing space, expertise, support and community to a diverse, growing roster of Vancouver talent.

LMG is now in Gastown

110 Water Street

We’re no longer in Little Mountain but we kept the name to confuse people. 

Find out what’s happening as we open our new location.

A DIY arts space in Mount Pleasant

History of LMG

We operated for years at 195 E 26 Ave with surprisingly few injuries. 

Read about the little tree-fort death trap we called home. 

Our Team


Little Mountain Gallery maintains a dedicated staff who are a mix of part-time and volunteer positions.


As a not-for-profit organization, Little Mountain Gallery is overseen by a volunteer Board of Directors committed to fostering the local comedy community and helping independent artists and producers create great, diverse comedy shows.

William Dunn
Vice Chair
Matty Vu
Jill Lockley
Board Member
Emily Oswald
Board Member
Mohamed Mahamoor
Board Member

Reina Mistry

Board Member
Julia Kindrachuk
Board Member
David Blackstock
Board Member

organizational information

In order to create a community environment, we expect everyone working, performing, learning, volunteering, watching programming or otherwise in our space to abide by our community standards. 

These documents are prepared by the board and updated as needed.

If you see or experience any violation of community standards at the venue, anyone may file a report by completing our online submission form. 

Thanks to our community partners and consultants who have guided and advised us on the development of these documents. These processes and polices will evolve and change as we develop as an organization.