Venue Updates

110 Water Street

Last updated: January 2023

We’re currently working on opening our new home at 110 Water Street. 

Right now, we’re mostly just waiting to start construction. 

Would you believe how long it takes for the City of Vancouver to approve something like this? 

(If this is a city official reading this, we’re just joking. These permit approval times are totally fine and we want to thank you for the grants you gave us to pay you to review the permits you needed us to submit.) 

Once open, the space will serve as a new community hub for comedy in Vancouver, with a capacity more than double what we previously had on Main Street. 

You can learn more about the project by expanding these information boards we made for our open house event in January 2023. 

When construction begins we’ll be posting updates here and on our social media to let you know what’s happening and what ended up going wrong that expanded the budget by $100,000. Just a hunch that’s going to happen.